teaching interests


MKT 450 - International marketing

This course focuses on the development and management of new products from a marketing perspective. It investigates various stages of the new product develop process, such as concept generation, project evaluation, development and product launch, and the role of marketing in making new products more successful.

MKT 680 - Product and Brand management

This course is intended to provide a strong overview and foundation of the new product and brand management functions within an organization. As a truly integrative course, it is grounded in the fundamentals of marketing concepts and tools, brand management, product development and strategy. The content focuses on both the theoretical and the practical.

MGT 681 - special topics in international business

The analysis of topics of current interest in international business. Topics vary.

MGT 536 - policy, strategy, and goals

Application of management tools of economics, statistics, organizational behavior, accounting, marketing, finance, operations management and management information systems to the analysis of organizational case studies. International and ethical issues related to strategic management are discussed.  

MGT 526 - international business

Examination of the international business environment, including cultural, economic, social, political, legal and financial dimensions. Topics include: strategic planning, production and distribution logistics, technology, transfer pricing, risk analysis. Accounting, finance, marketing, information systems and human resources in a global setting will be introduced. Multinational corporations, regional agreements and public policy round out the course.

  1. Marketing Strategy

  2. Marketing Management

  3. International Marketing

  4. International Business

  5. Emerging Markets

  6. Brand Management

  7. New Product Development

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university of zurich

  • Product and Innovation Management (graduate seminar)
  • Theoretical Foundations of Strategic Innovation Management (PhD seminar)


TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology

  • Marketing Strategy for Engineers (Executive M.Sc. Program)


wayne state university

  • International Business (MBA - MKT 7460)

oakland university

  • Introduction to Marketing (MKT 300, 302)
  • International Marketing (MKT 450)
  • International Business (MGT 423)
  • Product and Innovation Management (MKT480)
  • International Business (MBA - MGT 526)
  • Global Strategy (MGT 536 – MBA program capstone)
  • Product and Brand Management (MBA-MKT 680)
  • Globalization’s Impact: China, India, and Korea (MBA -MGT 681)
  • Globalization’s Impact: BRIC Countries (MBA- MGT 681)
  • Global Product and Brand Management (MBA -MGT 681)
  • Marketing Strategy (MBA, Executive MBA)
  • B2B Marketing (MBA)

Michigan State University

  • New Product Design and Development (MKT 420)
  • Product Innovation and Management (MKT 410)
  • International Marketing (MSC 415 – co-instructor)
  • Introduction to Marketing (MSC 327)
  • Quantitative Business Research Methods (MSC 317)